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Winning Together (pdf):
'Building and maintaining collaborative work teams and organizations and winning together is enhanced when every member of the team and organization buys in to a clear, well-defined vision, which defines the group and the mutual desired outcome.'

Winning Together for Peace (pdf):
'Believing that peaceful outcome to conflicts though negotiations and collaboration is possible isfundamental in creating peace.'

Winning Relationships, Part 1 (pdf):
'Winning relationships are based on collaborative transactions in which needs, wants, feelings,boundaries, resentments, strokes, and accounting for human error are initiated and responded'

Winning Relationships, Part 2 (pdf):
'Interpersonal tools are effective to the extent that each of usare committed to achieving mutual group goals; believing that it is possible for all of us to wintogether...'

The Role of Feelings in the Workplace (pdf):
'As the workplace becomes more diverse and as our clients and relationships demand authenticity, learning to use our feelings to let others know who we are and what we want becomes essential for successful work relationships as well as personal relationships.'

Responsivity (pdf):
'Responsivity is a process that involves thinking about feelings and acting responsibly to meet one's own needs and to respond to the needs of others.'

Reactivity (pdf):
'Reactivity is a communications process used to clarify feelings, fantasies, and intitutions, as well as for asking directly for wants and confronting others.'

Colaborative Conflict Resolution & Maintenance (pdf):
'Bringing up and addressing conflicts offers great opportunities to let go of unreal expectations and learn more about the person with whom they are relating.'

Healing Good-Byes and Healthy Hellos (pdf):
This article presents a model that is useful for healing, learning, and growing from painful experiences, endings, and transitions in relationships.

Marriage Contract (pdf):
A mutually developed agreement is vital to supporting a marriage.  This is a sample of such a contract that can be used to develop your own unique agreement.